Nina Hooper, co-founder of Abrility speaking with an investor

Antler is known for breaking down the barriers of entrepreneurship and now, via a new initiative, the “Antler Angel Experience,” is also providing access to untapped early-stage funding opportunities.

Local investors and startup founders will know, Australia has an early-stage funding gap. It exists due to a market gaining in…

Two portfolio companies from the first Antler cohort in Sydney alongside local Managing Partner, Bede Moore, talk about why they built with Antler and, a year on, where are they now.

Yesterday, the Antler Uncovered event gave behind-the-scenes access to Managing Partner, Bede Moore and co-founders from our first cohort portfolio companies, Upstreet and Upcover. We delved into the initiation of both Antler Sydney and Christian and Skye’s entrepreneurial journeys.

Below is a summarised transcript on the questions asked at the…

Adele Moynihan

Associate Partner, early-stage VC, Antler

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